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8 days/7 nights - Nothing to carry - Level: 2/5

A hiking week full of highlights in the amazing Moselle river valley through idyllic vineyards and following in the footsteps of the Romans and Celts.


Moselsteig is a premium hiking trail and has been voted the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany.


Discover tranquil villages with half-timber houses, and evergreen boxwood forests, hike on rocky high-altitude paths and cross the steepest vineyards in Europe.


Fantastic views onto the Moselle river loops await, as well as countless vineyards, castles, and the most beautiful panoramic viewpoints high above the river.


.  Fantastic vistas during the five days on the Moselle you will not only climb mountains (or the shortcut via cable car), but also enjoy the most magnificent views.

.  Vineyards & traditional winegrowers' taverns: If there's one thing you shouldn't miss here, it's the world-famous wines. 

.  Quiet villages with half-timbered houses: The charming gems along the tour could serve as the setting for a fairytale.

.  Imposing castles, fortresses and palaces as far as the eye can see! In the Moselle valley, you don't have to hike far until you pass a historic wall.

Do you have any questions?

You are always welcome to contact Lars or Jerry - we are ready to help.

Happy Hiking Tours er agenter og formidlere for denne tur. Arrangøren er EuroHike, og turen er i overensstemmelse med deres vilkår og betingelser.

Din rejse er stadig dækket af Happy Hiking Tours' medlemskab af Rejsegarantifonden, nr. følger.