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Cinque Terre


7 days/6 nights - Nothing to carry - Level: 2/5

The sea, hills, vineyards, old fishing villages and Genovese churches open up onto the enchanting landscapes of the Cinque Terre. In the Middle Ages, the word “terre” meant “village”. That is how the expression “Cinque Terre” was born.


When you arrive from Genoa, after Punta Mesco, the first village is Monterosso and its huge beach; then, Vernazza, at the mouth of a torrent; then, Corniglia, on a hill, and finally Manarola and Riomaggiore, multicoloured mosaics clinging to the rock. This is a man-made landscape with a great number of terraces steeply overlooking the sea. Nowadays, this site is a Natural Park and a marine protected area, recognised by Unesco. The Cinque Terre must be relished by foot, along the paths and the big one century old stairs.


.  A star-shaped stay

.  Accommodation in a 3* hotel in Levanto 

.  Guided hikes in the National Park of the Cinque Terre

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