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The Cyclades - Naxos & Paros


From Kr. 13.000

8 days/7 nights - Nothing to carry - Level: 2/5

Guidede hiking available from 16th April or 14th May 2023

The Cycladic islands are scattered like fragments of a mosaic across the Aegean Sea and island-hopping is the key to getting the best from the area.

Travel like a modern Odysseus from one island to another, across the most stunning archipelago in the Mediterranean, from the largest island: Naxos to the fertile Paros, renowned since Antiquity for the beauty of its marble.


.  Discover two of the glorious islands in the archipelago

.  A combination of hiking, swimming and relaxing with extraordinary views

.  An intimate and relaxing paradise to discover authentic Mediterranean living

.  Spectacular landscapes and endearing villages

.  Transfers to and from the port to the accommodation on each island

2 central-based hotels with island-hopping ferry tickets included

Do you have any questions?

You are always welcome to contact Lars or Jerry - we are ready to help.